If you are new to the world of web design and are making some of your first website homepages, it might be easy to fall into some familiar traps.  These mistakes are often made by newbies in the design world.  Here is a list of the top homepage mistakes and how you can avoid them.

1. What is it you do again?

The biggest mistake often seen on a website’s homepage is the lack of an introduction to your company and what it does.  Not telling your customers what it is you do and what you can do for them will lead them to frustration.  Whenever anyone clicks onto your homepage, they are searching for something specific, be it a product or information.  You must be quick in providing what they are looking for.  This intro to your company does not need to be long-winded.  Simply stating what your company is, what it does, and what it can do for your clients is usually enough.

2. All this moving text is making me dizzy!

Face it: animated icons and loud sounds were popular in the early days of the web.  Nowadays, they are sure signs of a web designer newbie.  Flashing text can make a reader dizzy or uncomfortable, and scrolling text can leave your web audience missing key pieces of what you have to say.  Random things floating around the screen, while you might think they are charming, are mostly just distracting to someone trying to read the text on the page.  Another disadvantage of an icon heavy homepage is slow loading times for those without a speedy connection.  You do not want to lose customers because it took too long to load your opening page!

3. What is this, a construction site?

You do not want to have your audience finding themselves on an empty page.  Nothing is worse for a surfer then to fall into a pit of despair that is a website with “under construction” graphics all over it, or simply blank pages.  Most visitors will simply think you were not prepared for them and, thus, ill equipped to help them.  Web designers with some experience know that “coming soon” signs on websites do not do anyone any favours.  Try to wait until the website is completed before releasing it out into the world.

These simple homepage errors can be avoided now that you have read about other designer’s mistakes and the pitfalls to watch out for.  Your website homepage is sure to be better now that you know how to keep your web surfing audience happy.