It is an age old question for designers (and really, any business proprietors). How do you get repeat customers? How do you get them wanting more? With website design, what are some ways to keep your readers coming back and finding their experience enjoyable and satisfying time and time again? Here are some of the easiest things to consider when trying to keep them coming back and wanting more.

Neglecting Navigation

When visiting a website, a reader must be able to easily and efficiently find the information they are looking for. They have so many other choices on the Internet, so you want them to choose you! One of the simplest ways to allow a reader to navigate your site is by providing clear categories and links to your other pages. Often, websites do not clearly list the other pages of the site, or there are too many broken links. Taking the time to highlight or otherwise make them noticeable will ensure a pleasurable experience for the readers that come to your page.

Sluggish Load Speed

Even after designing your page, it is wise to constantly monitor the website’s page load time. As you further develop a site, you will likely be adding information, such as images, and updating all manner of other things. This will bog down your website and frustrate your readers.

If the information the reader is looking for is taking too much time to appear they may just move on. Be wary of bulky images that you upload to the page as well. If you absolutely must add them, provide a thumbnail and a link to an offsite host. This will prevent sluggish page load times and improve the reading experience for your visitors.

Be Flashy

Using Flash on your website is very tempting. It is visually pleasing, and can make your site look professional and polished. However, when taking into account web traffic, you want to maximize your hits as much as possible. Unfortunately, search engines have no way to read Flash because it contains little free text and no linked images.

Search engines are trying to do improve this, but for now if you want traffic to your website use Flash sparingly or steer clear of it altogether. Try some handy PHP coded elements instead, with dedicated links to imagery found on the web. This can help keep the site looking slick, while still allowing it to generate search engine web traffic.