There is been a rapid shift over the course of the past few years, away from dedicated website designers that custom design websites for clients, and more toward a stock business where website designers create their websites ahead of time as templates, and then sell user licenses for clients that wish to purchase them. This license entitles the buyer to download and implement the website and set it up immediately. This offers several advantages to custom designed websites.

Immediate Download and Delivery

The best benefit to purchasing and utilizing a stock website template is that, as soon as you pay the license fee through an e-check or a credit card, the entire website is available to you for instant download. This package will include all of the image files, all of the coded language files, all of the CSS, and a README file with installation and set up instructions. Nothing could be easier.

The Buyer Has Already, Sort Of, Approved the Design

With purchasing a stock, ready to install website template, you will have seen it before you pay one nickel for it. This is a huge improvement to the old system, where you had a general idea in your head for how it should look, but you would not see it actualized until many working hours later, after the website designer completed a proof for your approval. Most often, it would end up entirely different from what you had wanted. With stock website templates, you know exactly what you are getting ahead of time.

IT Personnel Can Customize Template If Designer Will Not

Chances are that, especially in this tough economy, the website designer you purchase a stock template from will be more than willing to perform basic customization for your specific needs for a nominal fee in addition to the purchase price. If not, any Internet Technology intern can administer basic changes to the coding of the template to serve the specific needs of your company for a fraction of the price of a website designer.

Huge Cost Savings

Another huge benefit to purchasing a stock website template is that they are far cheaper than paying a website designer to custom build one for you over the course of many man-hours of intensive labour. Stock templates can be had for one-tenth the price of a custom-made website.